fluo carpet

it is spring/summer in Bs. As. and
MERBELLUX designer Cristo Stefanoff is hosting his fluo-carpet collectionn show at GALERIA PATIO DEL LICEO today. go, rock it Cristo :-)

i happend to be there in June to see the great GANGWAY ---> very disco meets punk thr*sh-style!

childhood fall

i don´t like rainy and grey days like today, but on my recent trip to G. i found this great kiddy umbrella (childhood memories...i think i had a similar once) and scarf...both second hand, a true bargain and all "DDR design"! so, rainy and grey days are red and blue sometimes.

love at first sight

once upon a time...it was love at first sight....but it was only a flirt....we had to break up...but i still hope this story will go on one day :-) 
pics ♥ NYC aka Big Apple 1999

gorgeous dresses

on my recent web stroll through NYC aka Big Apple i spotted these gorgeous dresses from young designer Erna Leon Barsegian. waiting for next spring/summer will be definitely easier now. i am simply in love with my favorite + Josephina. besides designing adorable fashion collections, she is a talented artist too! please visit ERNA LEON art+fashion

arty apple

my friend flo posted the other day in her fb "abre grande los ojos, todo alrededor es impresionante!" ("open the eyes wide, all around is impressive!")...just wanted to eat it, but than i saw how arty this apple is!!! now it´s my deco! :-) 


colorful mate, i still want one in pink :-) seen at artentino
pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2009

reflection - B matters

 ...walking Bs.As. and searching for the perfect B...and i found much more, even BCN in Bs.As....these are some first pics....more to come soon...

pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2009

monday loft dreams

one perfect room for my dream loft (from the Ultimate Decorating Book by Judy Spours)

we own the city

modern mexican kitsch


Rosa Negra Mexican Bar and Restaurant - a lovely place to eat out with your friends in Barcelona and a little modern mexican kitsch - designed by Lorena Zertuche

ir y volver - come and go

un saludo a los single & fabulous carries de BCN --->
Flo suerte para tu proyecto en Brasil!
Chià buen cambio de M. a M.!
pic Barcelona 2008, at lovely Rosa Negra Mexican Bar and Restaurant
i postcards from urbarna

wintery fall

pink nitro beanie via SportScheck

pic by Agus ♥ Barcelona 2007
the pink version beanie from nitro could go with my pink 2006-scarf from BCN, here worn at 2007-part-teamparty in Barcelona - yeah! ♥

wintery fall

wintery fall today - wow! my friend Anita just sent me this pic with the new beanie she bought...nice blue and from nitro, seen at SportCheck

every wednesday!

  image by May Mc Laren
listen every wednesday!

May Mc Laren @ Superlicious 7! by wacha!

May Mc Laren @ Superlicious 7! by wacha!
Every wednesday 9pm Buenos Aires Election Radio presents Superlicious by May Mc Laren! Hosted on SoundCloud.com

CiTiEs of B

pic by P.A.T ♥ Buenos Aires 2009

Homage to my CiTiEs of B and my cosmopolitan crowd of friends. I got ´re-inspired´ and call it thrilled this way: Plan B is the better Plan!

Hello I am Cat and welcome to my B blog.

Homenaje a mis CiTiEs of B y mis amigos cosmopolitas. Fue ´re-inspirada´ y digo entusiasmada: Plan B is the better Plan!

Hola soy Cat y bienvenido a mi B blog.

Hommage an meine CiTiEs of B und meine internationalen Freunde. Ich wurde ´re-inspiriert´ und sage begeistert: Plan B is the better Plan!

Hallo ich bin Cat und willkommen auf meinem B blog.