calling summer

fabulous dreamy dress and skirt by argentine fashion label MERBELLUX 
it´s still so wintery in Europe, that i definitely wanna dial and call the summer now! B in the moooooooood...
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did you take your pill today?

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pill keychain by Jonathan Adler - what a very cool idea ;-) 

now it´s a book

cool high-strength laptopcase made from biological composite material by mehrwerk designlabor. you can choose a lot of different designs or add your personal touch with your own design.

light up the tea

a pendant perfect for the real tea lover by designer Jan Bernstein/10 Liter Design

skin branding

Central Saint Martins college design student Ryan McSorley created a whole new skin care definition. he wants your skin to say --->´hello, i am using chanel skin care!´ pretty freaky beauty treatment no?


tea gets a new outfit ´hanger tea´ by designer Soon Mo Kang

i want to live in a loft

fucking stuff ´we wish, we want, we love, we like, we are...´ here ---> in this fucking cool fuck you very much visual diary

fashion circus

pic ♥ Germany 2010
january is ´all´ about fashion. this is not a fashion blog. cat is watching the fashion news. on your lovely bloggers blogs too! keep on posting ;-) ...can´t go to my favorite trade shows, Bread & Butter and The Brandery ---> next time.

i am just kinda trying to fix my blog right now...

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tam tam + full motion

cat just survived a small blogger crisis ( ohhh what am i saying, a huge one...) and Agus & P.A.T, los chicos del Team B, are starting in full motion ´their´ Plan B, yay! ...

ok, ok i show you the chicos --->

more pics of the two styl´o´cuties here
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sex on the beach or caipirinha?

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glam cocktail ring collection Limelight Paradise by Piaget 

sueños urbanos

Pathfinder, 2002, Corinne Wasmuht

 Ezeiza, 2003 Corrine Wasmuht

Gate 11, 2002, Corinne Wasmuht 

Siempre es hoy, 2007, Corinne Wasmuht

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urban dreams & psychadelic visionary facets of city life by german-argentine artist Corinne Wasmuht ---> if you happen to be in Berlin, go & see the current exhibition ´Supracity´, Haus am Waldsee, Argentinische Allee 30 (until 21.02.2010)

traveling tutu

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i love the fun adventures of the traveling tutu


and getting spotted!
pics Barcelona & Buenos Aires 2008/2009


i was doing two things (among others) this weekend, i haven´t been doing in a long time...going to the movies (Friendship) and ice, fun, fun ;-) did you have a nice weekend? what have you been up to?
now since it´s monday again, i have a little motivation for you --->

a cat highlight of course, you can guess  --->

cat is happy in the blogosphere so far and enjoys all your nice blogs every day!
also a big thanxxx to all of you visiting CiTiEs of B...stay tuned, there is more to come... ;-) xx yours cat

feel it?!

amazing artworks (2-7) by argentine artist Abel H. Ventoso

pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2009