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just another note

pic ♥ Barcelona 2010
& i am still in Berlin...a rockin weekend everyone!! xx cat

it´s the B in our life

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today Berlin!!! i am off...

bye sun

see ya tomorrow!
 pic ♥ today
 pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2008/2009


pics Barcelona 2010 
´maybe´ i should be more creative again!?


welcome almost spring! 
but this was beautiful too!

 pics Germany 2010

today it´s raining by the way...

trash city

Bs. As. trash city has a mission tonight! TRASHMISSION --> the ultimate postnuclear celebration in six chapters
  pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2009
the sixt and last chapter tonight --> trash on trashers! sooo sad i can´t be there at this very moment, but thanxx for the trashy experience last year ;-)

back in town

what an unreliable blogger i am lately?! --> i am very sorry about my lack of posts, but thanxx for staying tuned so patiently and leaving such great and super motivating comments!!! it was all a 
those last weeks...including good and bad things happening...but well that´s life, right!?...i will not post a travel report about my trip to Berlin and Barcelona, thought it would be too boring :-)...instead you´ll find now and then some hints on things to do and places to visit in my CiTiEs of B...just wait and see ;-) in the meantime i let my pics talk a story, cos they simply do it better...

pics ♥ Berlin & Barcelona 2010


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through the skylight window
pics ♥ Germany 2010

despite the storm, a good night to everyone! xx cat