...get it on and rockin!!!

hope you enjoyed a nice christmas time. cat yes! ;-) thanxxx so much for all your nice comments and wishes!!!

pics Germany 2009

well, 2009 is almost over now, but there are still some celebrations to come ...

 pic by Agus Buenos Aires 2008

the german GLAMOUR magazine writes in its december issue: "30 is the new 20"... sooo, i always new it hahaha...i will stay 24 forever! for the next couple of years ;-) cheers!
okis my dears, since i think this will be my last post in this year, i wish you all a very cool new year´s eve, get it on and rockin!!! have a very good start into 2010 and stay tuned at CiTiEs of B!!! thanxx for visiting, reading, following, commenting and being interested in the CiTiEs of B world!!!

pics by Marion ♥  Buenos Aires 2009
my start into 2009, last year in Buenos Aires,...was very great! thanxxx & bye 2009...
see ya in 2010...xx yours cat

merry christmas! - frohe weihnachten! - feliz navidad!

the snow is almost gone now, but i still hope for white christmas :-)
since you loved my snow pics so much, (thanxxx for all the nice comments) here are some more :-)

and now the angels and me, we wish you all a wonderful christmas! xx cat
pics ♥ Germany 2009

snow update

it is frosty and snowy where i am at the moment..looks like Scandinavia or Russia :-) but it´s somewhere in the Eastern part of Germany...and my "real" snow clothes are still in Barcelona haha

and the angel watching *snowflakes falling*
pics Germany 2009


HOLY SHIT SHOPPING - christmas shopping lounge - 150 artists and designers sell their artwork, fashion and products - DJs and live-acts playing... i went last weekend and if you happen to be in or around Stuttgart this weekend, go and take a look!

BULBS UNLIMITED - creacycle your bulbs
old light bulbs getting transformed into spectacular light objects - means creative recycling! 
& the cool thing is, you can also do it by yourself!

Ulrika, the Berlinmittegirl designer, smiled into my cam and 
i simply loved her vinyl-stand-deco togehter with her beautiful jewelry 

smallery Berlin´s smallest gallery

& my holy finds: 
* my favorite pin from istprodukt (which i lost in Argentina! think i told you...) after a little chat with the designer i bought two this time, just to make sure...kind of a backup...:-)
* матрёшка key ring from bebelt!
* postcards from berliner töchter
* Berlin Art Prints (manga style) by ROST GRAPHICS
* postcard from cityslide  

pics ♥ Berlin 2009


 a lot of christmas mood & cold days
´what lays under the christmas tree and is pink?´ love my earmuffs (closet find from childhood days haha)
pics by Ireen & cat ♥ Berlin 2009

snow yay

look Gemma Louise, i post some pics lady :-)

and i have not seen snow in years jajaj
pics ♥ Germany 2009

i am back

to the blogosphere...this time no party in Berlin which this city also is famous for, but a lot of strolling through christmas markets, long hour talks and remembering old times, drinking coffee, eating out, "window" shopping and Ireen and me, we even got filmed by bitte und danke (when i have more info about this project, i will let you know)
as a welcome back to this amazing city i got a little lucky cat from my friend and without knowing this at the first day, we had a bit of an asian touch style long weekend :-) 
my friends asian touch style appartment; eating out at Buddha´s Kitchen (vietnamese cuisine) in Berlin-Kreuzberg; Berlin Art Prints (manga style) by ROST GRAPHICS, which we discovered and bought at HOLY SHIT SHOPPING

Asia-Mekong Supermarket near Hackescher Markt in Berlin-Mitte...these huge pink letters drew our attention and we had to take a look inside as well.
Ireen always loved the asian culture (and i am a little fan now too!) 

the only thing we unfortunately missed out, are the LATEST-STOP-MOTION-VIDEO-EDITIONS by amazing japanese artist Yukihiro Taguchi at SAKAMOTO contemporary gallery (if you happen to be in Berlin you can still see them until 16 January 2010)
more Berlin things later ...thanxxx for all your nice comments on the last posts! xx cat 

video via youtube, image via we heart it 
pics ♥ Berlin 2009

i am off

to Berlin ...finally again!
my old study-classmate and dear friend Ireen invited me about hundred times now so... 
...i am of now! 
...there are some post waiting to be posted...well has to wait for now...
Buenos Aires is thrashing the party city again this weekend, but well more about this and a lot of other CiTiEs of B stuff later...sorry!!!
for now have a wonderful weekend everybody & stay tuned at CiTiEs of B! xx cat
i am off now!
pics Berlin 2008

deco rocks

you want to only listen to vinyls? nooo put them also on your wall! 
this deco simply rocks!!!

via Hu2 Design The Smart Vinyl Laboratory 

also worth to check out the vinyl design by venezuelan decorandoenvinyl

electro ballet

con May y Lola @ bahrein
...remembering awesome Buenos Aires times where i met a lot of inspiring people
pics ♥ Buenos Aires 2009

now playing

images by May Mc Laren

elio world

this image just put a big smile back on my face! i so heart it! thank you my dear friend May!!! gracias mi querida amiga May!!!....hello my name is elio! and mine is cat and this makes my day way better! 
image by May Mc Laren

winter sky

& a lot of getting/B_ing in the christmas mood without snow

pics ♥ Germany 2009