me!...still to the ´mатрёшка style´...and i regret to not have bought the nice mатрёшка style dress last summer, seen at legendary San Telmo sunday street fair in Buenos Aires. also didn´t take pics, so i can not show you...but i show you the following  --->
beautiful handmade jewellery by Yasmin Bochi via Yasmin Bochi
russian doll dress by Yumi via amazon 

russian doll name necklace via LADY LUCK RULES OK

matryoshka button via THE CUTE ARMY 

lovely jewellery by Ninuschka via Matroschka Town
 handmade bags and purses by Lova via Handmade with joy

luxury russian doll bag by Chanel via coolspotters

crazy matryoshka fashion by russian designer Antonina Shapovalova 2008 via daylife


  1. i love maytryoshka dolls, i have a little collection of 3 but would love the chanel to add to my collection.

  2. These pictures are such a sweet collection of dolls. My mum gave me a little maytryoshka doll when i was little and i could never ever part with it!
    The chanel one is beautiful
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  3. I love babooshka dolls, I have a collection that I keep in my kitchen. I buy one wherever I travel :)

  4. I love everything...the jewelry is awesome.

  5. hej, we back again on the bloggerWorld...thanks for your lovley comment last year...we wish you a inspired and especially healthy new year your finds of maytryoshkas...;)...

  6. What a beautiful collection of matryoshkas! Love the chanel bag too! And thank you so much for featuring my matryoshka jewellery :)

  7. SOoooo cute!! I want all of it!! :)