pocas horas y una semana

...and i will have los chicos del Team B around again ;-)...summer is still here, a lot of days and weeks have past...some good ones, some bad ones, some really awesome ones...lets say it this way: i am so totally back...the craziness of this city has taken me over again...Barcelona and me, yet again struggeling sometimes...all in all we are ok! maybe I should just relax and keep on catching up on CiTiEs of B a bit!? sorry for disapearing..., i will try to do my best...stay tuned!;-)xx cat 
pics Barcelona 2010


  1. I'm trying to travel to Barcelona since almost 3 years now...'cos everyone of my friends already went there and I dont want to go alone. After seeing this great pictures, I ve now decided to just go alone, cant wait anymore!! Thx for sharing :)