modern day princess

a few days ago i received a princess award from the great pierrot le fou --> thanxx girl!(give always thanks to the blogger whow gave it to you) --> i love your arty lifestyle!!!
now i have to answer a few questions:(a princess answers questions? mmm ok haha)
name an author you love --> Else Buschheuer
if applicable, name an author who highlights --> mmm
book(s) you love --> Das New York Tagebuch (the author even signed my book,yay!)
something that always excites you --> a Plan B, my CiTiEs of B, and to share my life with my cosmopolitan crowd of friends from around the globe

something you hate --> mmm i don´t hate anything, but i don´t like too much of the ´german attitude´ ;-) 

now pass it on to 7 blogs -->  
the same(the true shoe princess!!!)
Miri (she has great green chairs - they are not ugly!)
Gemma Louise (a very lovely blogger with a huge sense of art)
Madalena Soares (shooting her world) 
frau heuberg(& the creative ladies behind) 
loft in soho (a princess mommy to be)
P.A.T (the prince around here)

oki my dears, i am not a real princess, it´s just a daydream :-) 
quote images & pics via polyvore

have a great week everyone!!! xx cat


  1. congratulations !
    thanks for the comment.
    have a nice day.
    CLM x

  2. Congrats dear ! YOU ARE A PRINCESS !!!

  3. Congratulations for the award, dear, and thanks for your comment!
    I think that every girl is a princess... but there are lots of types of princess, as many as girls are in the world!

  4. What a stunning design board! Congrats on the well deserved award! xo

  5. Congrats for the award and thanks so much for the comment dear!!! ♥ you are a princess ♥


  6. oh. cat :)! thank you ever so much! sorry its taken me ages to see, ive been away with the fairies, though trust me, i will keep following your blog, I think you deserve that award and more!! and I will carry on with blogging, soon.

    thank you for being so sweet and wonderful! its people like you why i blog, but other people in real life why I don't. all my love xxxx