who are you?

i see, you like my cool stuff finds, this is great!..thanxx to all of your nice comments my dears! i am observing, hunting, scouting all day long, kinda..., so i thought on presenting you some of my finds sometimes. what else...oh i got asked 
Sevda and Philipp from youneak started tagging their favorite bloggers, to get to know more about them. now i got tagged by the lovely maikitten and here are my answers -->(although i do have a lot or no favorites at all hahah)

favorite band/artist: i´ve never been a groupie of anyone, but in this case i think my friends would say: Barem, the argentine dj/producer...well it´s kinda true, but i actually like most of the folks from minus
favorite video: Never Win - Fishersponner(but well, it is more the songtext, than the video that matters)
favorite movie: SATC
favorite book: www.else-buschheuer.de Das New York Tagebuch
favorite designer/label:
5preview (just an example, cos i like a lot and it doesn´t depend on the designer/label)
favorite festival:
Sónar Barcelona(more the off-partys though)
favorite TV-show:
SATC and Friends
favorite person/icon:
Jen Aniston
favorite city/country:
CiTiEs of B ;-)
favorite moment ever:
when i fist time came to NYC
chanel paperbag pic via JAK & Jil, super trash, who are you? & coolcat images mine, rest via polyvore


  1. Ahh, I never get tired of seeing that Chanel paper bag. Kinda genius.

  2. Oh ! You're ADORABLE ! Thank you so much !

  3. Friends are definitely the best :) Have a nice weekend!

  4. ohh ! thank you so much. and thanks for the comment :)
    clm x

  5. thanks so much, i'll be sure to put it in my next post :D

  6. Thank you so much, dear! I'll put this in my next entry... yaw, it's always so interesting to know about other people!

  7. oh this is so nice of you to share a little about yourself.

    love those photos.

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