deco rocks

you want to only listen to vinyls? nooo put them also on your wall! 
this deco simply rocks!!!

via Hu2 Design The Smart Vinyl Laboratory 

also worth to check out the vinyl design by venezuelan decorandoenvinyl


  1. oh these are fantastic! i would love something bold on my walls like these!

  2. love the casette tape one! great idea

    unfortunately haven't got my tree yet :s ! hehe

  3. your so cute, thank you for your lovely comments :)!

    these are great! I think I need to paint on the wall what no to forget! xxx

  4. OH! Girl, I love the love one, I'd have it in a bathroom or something silly! Thank you for your beautiful hello, it's made me smile like a cheesy cat xoxo

  5. It does rock! I love art deco!
    This is beautiful!!! :)
    Have a great weekend! :)