christmas mood

pics by Agus ♥ Buenos Aires 2009

christmas last year in Argentina was fun, different, 30 degrees and sunny, with super nice friends, delicious food, a lot of champagne and fireworks...
this year i am still waiting for the right christmas mood, but since i do spend the holiday season in Germany, i hope to get into it anytime soon....i know, it is not going to be like when i was little, but i´ll give it try with all the nice christmas-things-to-do Germany has to offer :-) 
in the meantime i am getting inspired by frau heubergs ladies

christmas emotion via frau heubergs flickr

and my sis Ela made these two pink paper stars for me :-)
now i wish you all a very lovely christmas time! xx cat


  1. oh, thanks for featuring our photo collection...and a beautiful santa woman above...;)...thanks a lot and a lovley holiday season...;)...

  2. oh the Christmas collage is so beautiful! You look so cute with the santa hat:)

  3. Danke für's Mittrauern. :)

    Und: talentiertes Schwesterherz haste da. Chapeau!

  4. what a lovely post! i'm getting excited for Christmas time too :)

  5. love the santa hat.

    time flies so fast.
    great post.

  6. Schnupper etwas Weihnachtsluft mit mir in Berlin, chica. ;)
    Die Einladung steht... wäre Schade die Gelegenheit nicht zu nutzen.

  7. I love the Christmas picture collage. So inspiring. Happy holidays, Cat :)

  8. i need to find a tree eep! hope you're enjoying the season