HOLY SHIT SHOPPING - christmas shopping lounge - 150 artists and designers sell their artwork, fashion and products - DJs and live-acts playing... i went last weekend and if you happen to be in or around Stuttgart this weekend, go and take a look!

BULBS UNLIMITED - creacycle your bulbs
old light bulbs getting transformed into spectacular light objects - means creative recycling! 
& the cool thing is, you can also do it by yourself!

Ulrika, the Berlinmittegirl designer, smiled into my cam and 
i simply loved her vinyl-stand-deco togehter with her beautiful jewelry 

smallery Berlin´s smallest gallery

& my holy finds: 
* my favorite pin from istprodukt (which i lost in Argentina! think i told you...) after a little chat with the designer i bought two this time, just to make sure...kind of a backup...:-)
* матрёшка key ring from bebelt!
* postcards from berliner töchter
* Berlin Art Prints (manga style) by ROST GRAPHICS
* postcard from cityslide  

pics ♥ Berlin 2009


  1. You're in Berlin... god you make me jealousss! wanna go there soon! Do you live there? Or in Bcn?

  2. Wel...thats not bad!! I love cities and want to live in some.. I'm from portugal, was 3 monts in Dublin and now I plan to go abroad again! I'll keep following your blog.. thanks :)